What Happens When I Bought My Cats A Self Cleaning Litter Box

I despise cleaning the kitty box. When we got my cat my son declared that he would take care of the kitty and scoop the litter box. However, you know how that goes. He never did wind up taking care of this kitty. I cared for their cat. And then he came home with another kitty. So then I was focusing on two cats. Eventually following the cat came along I decided I'd splurge on one of those self-cleaning litterboxes therefore that I wouldn't have to scoop cat buys anymore. Well I spent $200 on a top of the lineup self-cleaning cat Litterbox to the cats and this is what occurred:


When I brought the box home and place up it I abandoned the litterboxes the direction that they were in case the cats didn't desire to utilize the new litterbox because I didn't need them moving on to the ground. One cat cautiously entered the self-cleaning litterbox during the front entrance. The litterbox started cleaning up after him while he was still going. He had been panicked by the noise that the cleaning mechanism left although it said it was a quiet mechanism. So he jumped from the package, still pooping, and ran down the entire upstairs hall trailing poop. I had been convinced that I only had wasted $200 and forced more work for myself.

After I spend an hour cleaning up the hallway and then massaging the carpets I visited look at the litter box again. Cat number two jumped in the box and used it. Once again the noise started but this cat wasn't startled by the sounds. Cat number-two sauntered outside from the box with no care in the whole world and also the box clicked into lifetime and raked through the box cleaning out it.

Within the following two days I kept a close eye on all of the boxes. I never watched feline number-three usage the self-cleaning box. Not once. Cat number-two took to it straight off and it has used it together with no issues from the time. Cat numberone some times uses it but still favors the normal boxes using routine scooping litter. So I spent $200 to a spare litter box that only one cat uses and I still have to scoop out litter boxes every day.

Less Expensive

In the long run I presume that pets, such as kiddies, are not predictable and their experiences and personalities will determine if they like what they're likely to enjoy or not. I actually don't know why only one among my cats uses itself cleaning box which I paid a lot of money for. But hopefully the other two will learn to use it someday. I'll not remove this because I'm stubborn and I'm not going to throw out that sort of capital. But if I had it to do over again I definitely would have bought a more affordable self-cleaning box or just stuck to the regular boxes with routine clumping mess.

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